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Revain is blockchain-based review platform for crypto community. Since 2018 the platform accumulated the biggest number of user feedback on crypto on the Internet. Revain consists of 7 main sections: projects, exchanges, wallets, games, casinos, mining pools and cards. In each section we rank every company based on their user rating and number of reviews. Revain's ultimate goal is to provide high-quality and authentic user feedback on all global products and services using new emerging technologies like blockchain and machine learning. - Try Revain platform: https://revain.org - Learn about the company: https://revain.org/about - Begginer introduction to Revain: https://revain.org/faq - Revain for bussines: https://revain.org/public-api/widgets - Revain Experts: https://revain.org/experts - Partners: https://revain.org/about/partners - Rewards and achievements system: https://revain.org/promo/gamification - Corporate blog: https://revain.org/blog

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