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Launched in Augst 2018, Bitball aims to become a cryptocurrency that is accepted as a mode of payment in real-life scenarios with multiple utilities. Bitball’s mission is to build an ecosystem to bridge the gap between digital currencies, exchanges, and customers. It started with an online Barter platform for goods & services which facilitates cross-border transactions with a user-friendly interface for international participants based on cryptocurrency and fiat. BitBall is intended to be used as a means for users on its upcoming Ebarter platform to sell or buy any products or services around the world at low cost. Since its launch, Bitball has developed multiple use cases: 1. Cryptocurrencies (BTC, BTB, ETH, BTRS) & Fiat (Paypal) based E-Barter trading platform 2. Bitball as a base pair on different exchanges. 3. Main currency of https://Bitball-barter.com 5. Playable currency on an online casino https://PlayRoyal.com. The team aims to open a traditional cryptocurrency exchange and increasing merchant acceptance. Based in Australia, Bitball's mission is to serve as a long-term investment. The BitBall Ecosystem, which launched in July 2018 consists of BitBall (BTB) and BitBall Treasure (BTRS). - https://BitBall-BTB.com - https://BitBall-Barter.com - https://BitBall-Exchange.com

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